Aug 22, 2023

In the Aisle: 6 frozen foods for snacking or entertaining

Adrienne Smith | Aug 08, 2023

Will we ever get tired of talking about all the innovations flooding traditional store aisles stocked with pantry goods, snacks and frozen foods? We doubt it!

Today’s brands are leaning into trends that increasingly matter to consumers: sourcing new and innovative ingredients, embracing nutritional attributes and dietary demands, supporting sustainability and celebrating globally inspired flavors and traditions.

From the brand formerly known as Xiao Chi Jie, these obsession-worthy soup dumplings might well represent a before and after in the realm of frozen cuisine. Each bite-sized dumpling is made from mondako flour—a blend of northern winter and spring wheats that yields a supple yet delicate dough—wrapped around ground pork, shrimp, scallions and ginger, and filled with a rich chicken, pork and rice wine broth. Soupy, savory, delicious. SRP: $9.99

Made from regeneratively ocean-farmed kelp, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, mushrooms, pea protein, quinoa and a blend of beans (black, great northern, cannellini, red kidney), along with other real-food ingredients, these plant-based mini burgers are a great meal option that will not only encourage children to expand their palates, but also to nourish their bodies. And they’ll learn that the choices they make can have a positive effect on the planet. They also come in a BBQ variety. SRP: $7.99

This thaw-and-eat meal takes convenience to a new level of innovation in the frozen aisle and goes from frozen to fresh in a flash. What’s more, this Non-GMO Project Verified Poke Bowl is vegan, relying on real vegetables for its plant-based seafood, which is made from tomatoes, carrots, pea fiber and konjac. The result is a plant-based “tuna” that is layered over organic brown basmati rice alongside edamame, corn and mango, and drizzled with a citrus ponzu sauce. SRP: $8.99

Don’t let the name (or the buttery-tasting puff pastry) fool you. These modern pigs-in-a-blanket are 100% vegan, providing a plant-based homage to a beloved, albeit retro, American appetizer. Ironically, they are made in France by a company dedicated to creating elevated, plant-based versions of favorite finger foods. Each rapeseed oil and pea protein-based vegan sausage sits in a bed of flaky pastry, making it the perfect addition to any premium plant-based party lineup. SRP: $7.99

For something sweet, try this new line from McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, created in homage to the culture of the Latinx community on California’s Central Coast where this frozen treat is made. One of seven new flavors, Mangoneada combines fresh mango puree with a tamarind and chile swirl inspired by Mexican chamoy sauce—which McConnell’s plant supervisor has been sprinkling onto the company’s mango sorbet for years. Not only does Eva’s offer a fusion of Latinx culture, heritage and nostalgic family traditions, it also invests in Latinx-owned companies for its branding and other needs. SRP: $4.98

There is one full serving of veggies in these oven-, skillet- or air fryer-ready fries, and when we say veggies, we mean VEGGIES. There are 10 to be exact, including carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli, onions, zucchini and others. With quinoa and oat fiber adding to the 4 grams of fiber per 140-gram serving, consumers get the satisfaction of knowing that they are munching on a clean-ingredient, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free and Certified Vegan product that is crispy and delicious. SRP: $5.99

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