Sep 01, 2023

Crafting Sushi Wholly From Plants

Canadian brand Konscious Foods, a plant-based seafood brand, announced the North American expansion of the world’s first frozen sushi rolls, onigiri stuffed rice snacks and poke bowls made from plants.

Now available nationwide at all Whole Foods Market retail locations in the USA and Canada, Konscious Foods is the latest culinary creation from renowned plant-based innovator and classically trained French chef Yves Potvin.

All products uniquely marry fresh-caught taste and texture with unmatched convenience, marked by a patent-pending ability to go from freezer to plate in just eight minutes.

“Our team has tapped an unmatched pedigree of turning plants into food to tackle our biggest undertaking: creating seafood made from plants with superior texture and flavour,” said Yves Potvin, founder of Konscious Foods.

“We know we cannot create meaningful impact without great tasting food consumers want, can afford to eat, and can easily integrate into their daily lives. We are thrilled to be able to share the results of our hard work and are looking forward to delighting consumers.”

Konscious Foods is expanding availability at a crucial time: the World Bank reports that despite the fact over three billion people worldwide rely on it for their protein intake or livelihood, nearly 90 percent of global marine stocks are now fully exploited or overfished.

Potvin continued that Konscious Foods was trying to change how people eat. The brand is dedicated to creating better-for-you and better-for-the-planet options beyond its products.

“I’m proud that all employees have shares in the company and a commitment to driving forward the next era of the better for you food movement.”

Konscious Foods products are crafted with high-quality vegetables and fruits with clean ingredients such as konjac plant, pea fibre, Jasberry rice, and organic red quinoa. All are non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, 100 percent made from plant, and without carrageenan or titanium dioxide.

Crafted wholly from plants, the product lines include Sushi Rolls, available in four varieties: California Roll, Spicy California Roll, Rainbow Roll, and Tuna Avocado Roll. Another product line includes its Onigiri Stuffed Rice Snacks, a famous Japanese snack of tender rice wrapped around the savoury plant and veggie fillings, including Kale Gomae, Japanese Vegetable Curry, Roasted Corn and Poblano, and Korean BBQ Mushroom varieties. Finally, the brand has Poke Bowls in two options: the Tuna Poke Bowl and the Salmon Poke Bowl.

By the end of the year, Konscious Foods anticipates its products will be available in over 4,500 stores nationwide.