Nov 19, 2023

BeLeaf Plant

BeLeaf Plant-Based Foods’ Konjac Shrimp has been recognized as BEST plant–based seafood winning the coveted award at the World Plant-Based Awards 2022 hosted by FoodBev Media in association with Plant Based World Expo. Edging out stiff competition in this up and coming category that is primed for explosive growth in the vegan/plant-based world.

Opening its doors in 2017, BeLeaf Plant-Based Foods had a mission to bring high-quality vegan and plant-based food products in the food service industry to support the growing number of chefs and restaurants looking to expand and diversify their menu offerings and break into this specialty category. Five years later, BeLeaf has established itself as the top purveyor in plant-based seafood and meat in food service and has made its first foray into the retail market with retail packages now available for BeLeaf’s best-selling products.

Five years of R&D has gone into producing the world’s best plant-based shrimp in terms of look, taste, and texture. Made of all natural ingredients and with a superfood- konjac, a Japanese root vegetable, as the main ingredient– BeLeaf Konjac shrimp is the perfect shrimp alternative for any vegan, vegetarian, or even conventional meat eaters who may have shellfish dietary restrictions or anyone who is looking to continue consuming seafood while leaving less of a harmful impact on the environment. Take one bite into a piece of BeLeaf Konjac Shrimp and you’ll notice the difference in the unique layered texture that mimics wild-caught shrimp’s natural stringy texture.

BeLeaf Konjac Shrimp can be used in any recipes meant for traditional shellfish. It is recommended to blanche the frozen product for best texture, and Konjac Shrimp can be cooked in any and all ways– saute, stir fry, deep fried, etc. High in fiber, low in carbs, gluten/soy free, and environmentally friendly. Available in foodservice or retail packs. BeLeaf Konjac Shrimp is also used as an ingredient in other plant-based products as well. Contact a BeLeaf representative today to inquire further.


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Believe in incorporating more plant-based foods in your diet for a greener, more sustainable future. Enjoy BeLeaf Food’s line of premium, plant-based meat and seafood products that not only taste delicious but look and feel like realistic alternatives for traditional animal-based products.

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