Jun 12, 2023

Additives Market [2023

The “Global Additives Market 2023“ research describes the competitive market environment based on production volume, profits, and sales. The report covers even the supply chain analysis of the top Key players.

The global additives market size was US$ 151.4 billion in 2021. The global additives market is forecast to grow to US$ 219.6 billion by 2030 by registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030.

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Additives are used in various industries such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and packaging films. Epoxidized soyabean oil (ESO), phosphorus-based flame retardant additives, and stabilizers are some of the widely used additives.

Global market success will lead to innovative corporate goals and advantages. The business environment view, product details, and applications further provide insight into the study. Additionally, the report examines each region’s and market participant’s contribution to the market. The market also offers information on import/export statistics, consumer volume, manufacturing capacity, and price analysis.

Large Additives corporations are laying the seeds of their own demise by seeking consolidation for improved profitability and reduced costs. The Additives industry has stopped attempting to innovate with novel concepts and new goods. Instead of upsetting its own company, the industry has chosen incremental innovation inside its own product portfolios, and much of the innovation that takes place is to sustain or barely grow the current business. The industry investigates Biogas, hydrogen, and electric heating as potential substitutes for natural gas as feedstock and power sources.

Factors Influencing the Market

The wide applications of additives in food & beverage, building, and construction, healthcare, packaging, etc., will drive the growth of the global additives market. Furthermore, additives also play an important role in fertilizers, batteries, fuel, and agrochemicals, which will contribute to the growth of the global additives market during the study period.

The growing food & packaging industry will also drive the additives market forward. In addition, a rapidly growing number of new launches with varying flavours in the food and beverage industry will fuel the growth of the additives market.

Another factor driving the growth of the additives market is the intense range of R&D in the medical field. The rising demand for medicines will unveil the huge potential for additives such as solubilizing, surfactant, and other parental additives. Thus, the medical industry will also propel the additives industry forward.

Regulations led by various government bodies may limit the demand for additives in the coming years.

Competitors in the Market

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Through the conclusion of the year, 2022 saw growth in the Additives industry’s payrolls. In January, employment in the Additives industry surpassed pre-COVID levels, and in 2022, payrolls increased by more than 15,000 people. Global Additives output increased by 5.2% in 2021 due to the worldwide economic boom and soaring demand for commodities. The production of the global industrial sector declined in 2022 after a boom in 2021 that was sparked by a shift in consumer expenditure toward products and a hefty fiscal stimulus.

Global Additives output is anticipated to increase at a 2.9% rate in 2023 as production in Western Europe gradually picks up steam from its low points and production in the Asia/Pacific region recovers. With nearly 45% of the world’s Additives market, China continued to be both the world’s largest producer and consumer of market. Since 2010, when the market share was about 26%, there has been a year-over-year increase, and it now makes a significant contribution to the GDP of the nation. The nation is the top exporter in industries including silicon, PVC, and several specific Additives market.

Market Segmentation

The global additives market segmentation focuses on Product, End-Use, and Region.

By Product Type Outlook

By End-Use Outlook

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By Regional Outlook

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