Apr 24, 2024

21 Easy Curry Recipes

Make with chicken, fish or vegetables.

The term curry holds a different definition depending on where you are and who you're asking, but overall its history is a complicated one with ties to colonization. While its origins are commonly attributed to the Indian diaspora, Imperial Britain played a large part in creating curries as a catch-all category used to describe an array of dishes (typically a saucy stew featuring spices from the region).

As the British Empire expanded, it led to people bringing their curry recipes to new countries and adapting their dishes based on the available ingredients and local tastes — so you'll find different curries in Thailand, the Caribbean and Great Britain. And of course, these recipes vary from region to region. Curries often serve enough for a family, making them an ideal holiday or Sunday dinner option, and since the flavors generally get better over time, they are great make-ahead meals too. Curries usually contain plenty of sauce or broth, so it's best to serve them with rice or naan to sop up all the deliciousness.

Our best curry recipes include dishes under the curry umbrella that vary in spice level and sauciness, contain curry powder, curry leaves or curry paste (or some combination) and are representative of a variety of regions. We also showcase a few shortcut recipes, as well as labors of love that spend hours simmering away on the stove. But, most of all, we wanted to share some of our tastiest, most comforting dishes that feel like a hug in a bowl. Enjoy!

Our fragrant Indian-style chicken curry is savory and complex, yet you can still get it on the table in 30 minutes. The trick is to add ingredients to the pot in stages, which allows for the flavors to deepen and intensify.

Get the Traditional Chicken Curry recipe.

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This quick shrimp curry makes use of ingredients you probably have in your kitchen already — coconut milk, Thai green curry paste, white rice and frozen shrimp. Top each bowl with fresh cilantro, pickled onions and toasted cashews for a li'l extra something (plus crunch).

Get the Green Curry Shrimp recipe.

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Because butternut squash can have a candy-like sweetness, it's an ideal companion to warm, earthier curry pastes and spice blends. Together, the combination tastes well-balanced. To make this budget-friendly curry, we opted for a mild Thai yellow curry paste, then give the option to add jalapeños if you're seeking more heat.

Get the Butternut Squash Curry recipe.

Here's proof you can whip up a seriously satisfying curry in your pressure cooker with just a handful of ingredients — Thai red curry paste, coconut milk and beef chuck roast (plus a few more).

Get the Instant Pot Beef Curry recipe.

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While you'll most often find peanuts featured as an ingredient in curries (like Thai Peanut Curry), we decided to swap in cashews, which still add a creamy richness that contrasts all the flavorful spices.

Get the Coconut Curry Chicken recipe.

Thai red curry paste provides a bit of heat, while cilantro, ginger, garlic and fish sauce bring an extra dose of bold flavor to this weeknight dinner.

Get the Red Curry Shrimp and Cilantro Rice recipe.

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Packed with butternut squash, fire-roasted diced tomatoes and cauliflower, this vegetarian curry is cozy and filling. Even the biggest meat-lovers will leave the table feeling satisfied.

Get the Coconut-Cauliflower Curry Bowls recipe.

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Loosely inspired by laksa (a fragrant noodle soup found across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia), this shrimp and noodle dish is super comforting and ready to be devoured in just 25 minutes.

Get the Red Curry Shrimp and Noodles recipe.

We skipped the hours-long marinade and instead coated chicken cubes in yogurt and curry powder, then broil for a few minutes before simmering in the dish's signature creamy tomato sauce.

Get the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe.

Since many curries are served with rice, we decided to cook this medley of peas, shrimp, rice, ginger, garlic and curry powder all in one pan to save ourselves the extra dirty dish.

Get the Shrimp Curry and Rice recipe.

Each comforting bowl of this classic curry (that has influences from Thai, Indian and Malaysian cuisines) features tender braised beef, potatoes and onions that have been simmered in a spiced, aromatic coconut broth. Yum!

Get the Massaman Curry recipe from Delish.

Marination, an essential technique in many Jamaican recipes, is the key to developing the intense spiced flavor of the curried chicken. While coconut milk isn't quite traditional, you have the option of adding a splash to help temper the spiciness of the Scotch bonnets.

Get the Jamaican Curry Chicken recipe from Delish.

Flaky poached salmon cooks in a super-flavorful curry, so every bite has a hint of coconut milk and Thai red curry paste. Delicate and delicious.

Get the Curry-Poached Salmon with Peppers recipe from Woman's Day.

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Many Thai yellow curry pastes (nam prik gaeng karee) contain a combination of lemongrass, shallots, coriander, ginger, turmeric and other spices — which brings a mild heat and subtle sweetness to whatever you're cooking. While you can make your own, we love the ease that comes with using a store-bought paste.

Get the Thai Beef and Vegetable Curry recipe from Woman's Day.

Looking for a vegan curry? This plant-based recipe relies on a seafood alternative that's made with a few ingredients including konjac powder and vegetable root starch, though you can also try making it with King Oyster mushrooms (which have a similar shape and texture to scallops!).

Get the "Scallop" Curry with Fire-Roasted Peppers and Pineapple recipe from Prevention.

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This simple one-pot dinner spends a decent amount of time simmering on the stove, but it's so delicious it's worth it every second.

Get the Beef Curry recipe from Delish.

If you have a pile of spotty bananas, turn 'em into a delicious bowl of curry that everyone will want to dive into. Bananas get sweeter as they ripen, so it balances well with the combination of curry powder, ground coriander, dry mustard and cayenne.

Get the Banana Chicken Curry recipe from Women's Health.

The flavors found in this recipe are typical of versions found in many North Indian restaurants. Be sure to serve with baskets of hot buttered naan and white basmati rice.

Get the Lamb Curry recipe from Delish.

This take on the popular Thai curry features thinly sliced steak that gets coated in a homemade spice paste and creamy coconut milk, then topped with crunchy roasted peanuts.

Get the Panang Curry recipe from Delish.

To make this Indian-inspired curry, you'll start by frying curry leaves in ghee — which both flavors your curry base and gives you the ultimate, fragrant (crispy!) garnish.

Get the Potato Curry recipe from Delish.

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