Jun 11, 2023

SRSLY Unveils Range Of Low Carb Ready Meal

Low carb brand SRSLY has ventured outside its bread-themed heartland to enter the ready meals market.

Its initial five-strong vegan-friendly ready meal offering consists of Chick’n Teriyaki Noodles, Chick’n Chow Mein Noodles, Vegetable Thai Red Noodles, Chick’n Pad Thai and Chick’n Mexican Rice (RRP: £5.99).

Each recipe has a mix of low-carb noodles or rice, spices, vegetables and peanuts, containing only around 15g of carbs and 300 calories per portion.

At the heart of SRSLY’s ready-meal innovation sits konjac noodles that are made from plant-based flour extracted from the root of the konjac yam plant. A stalwart of Asian cuisine, konjac-based noodles are increasingly being seen as a credible alternative to high-carb wheat-based noodles.

SRSLY founder, Andy Welch, commented: “Our ongoing remit is consumers searching for a low carb/sugar lifestyle that marries great taste with unrivalled convenience. In just the same way we saw the opportunity for low carb condiments and jams to prevent lazy, ill-informed decisions at either the breakfast table OR dinner time, we felt the need for fast turnaround ready meals crying out for a low carb hero that pairs fair price points with less predictable flavour formats.”